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Polly homethread (v6??) where im an epic gamer


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repost 3 because I'm gonna finally do these

20. Hands - you know. him. gaster

21. Burns/fire - arsoncake probably

22. Explosion - either l'manburg being l'manburged or the sky empire being l'manburged

23. nightmare - dream doing some evil stuff

24. blizzard - still no idea

25. buried - when you fall into the underground undertale


27. lonely - susie and kris falling into the darkworld (so it makes sense with the next

28. void - the first time you go in the dark world in deltarune

29. lost - the time when you meet ralsei for the first time

30. mystery - library dark world

31. Discovery - the fun gang because deltarune turns four on halloween

Edited by Polly
deltarune turns 4, not 2
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6 hours ago, Modiano, Eater of Worlds said:

Only got 1 question wrong 😎 

I remember the spawn date from something you said like 3 months ago

it better of not been if ralsei was fluffy boy or not /j (you can't get that one wrong every answer is yes)

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  • polly changed the title to Polly homethread (v6??) where im an epic gamer

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