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pepper’s art pile where the real meow meows were the friends we made along the way


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  • pepper_ changed the title to spoof spoof peppers art pile
6 hours ago, pepper_ said:

bee duo meetup art cuz what else did you expect?2058343941_Untitled_Artwork(4).thumb.png.8f2a64068aaef62d20b0b4be43b30cb7.png

good thing tubbo locked himself in the bathroom cuz the empty room made for a pretty good background lol


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i fixed the hand


ik we were all freaking out about that so yea crisis averted guys, thank me later


also artfiiigggtttt yayyyyy!!!!!!!


heres the characters page- https://artfight.net/character/1608528.honey

and heres my page too (i only have like 2 characters up on there cuz im too lazy to make ref sheets lol)- https://artfight.net/~Pepper_Fox_


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2 hours ago, MAТТRESS said:

whoosh artfight


character page- https://artfight.net/character/1522583.willow-windsor-werewolf-form

digitigrade legs are still very not happening

or skirts

but hey i actually spelled digitigrade right that time, so im getting somewhere?

sketches my beloved

what does digitigrade mean?

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36 minutes ago, Zixvir said:

what does digitigrade mean?


4 minutes ago, MAТТRESS said:

when the back legs of animals are all bendy

like if you look at the hind legs of a cat, its not straight, its sorta squiggly


Specifically, digitigrade means an animal that stands on its toes. Image from wikipedia to help visualize:


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