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pepper’s art pile where the real meow meows were the friends we made along the way


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On 6/4/2024 at 12:56 PM, pepper_ said:

HEY GANG time for another hashtag pepper epper art dump

here we have some rare pepper traditional art this is meant to be jelli yk colorful hair girl oc that i have but when she was like younger i guess yk . 


um this is gmod roleplay stuff the guy in the gas mask is cocos character his name is brick and the old man is my character his name is bob. they dont get along very well all the time


this is an oc i made for another roleplay called sunnyside high think like those old mcyt highschool roleplay series its like one of those


some art class homework i tried realism idk i think it turned out okayyy i like parts of it. also i drew the majority of this while i was watching the truman show what a crazy movie i hadnt watched it since i was like 11 i forgot how screwed up it was. enjoyed it tho


quite possibly one of the best things ive drawn imo im so proud of it. i watched a lot of video essays while i was making it one of them was about strawberry shortcake shes so iconic


ref sheet for the guy in the picture above i gotta make more ref sheets artfight is happening SOON im so hyped i love artfight


remember when i used to post animations i made on here maybe i should do that again i made this guy IT WAS SO ANNOYING TO MAKE but i did it. BAREly.


ok heres everything again in order hopefully it doesnt break this time

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