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Smilodon Challenge


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Smilodon challenge! Want to have saber-tooth "tiger" Nichelings with realism? I got you covered!



To start, make two Nichelings with the following genes:

- Bearyena/Medium Ears

- No Horns

- Saber Tooth Fangs

- Big Body/Medium Body

- At least one "claw" gene

- Medium Tail


Now that you have your Nichelings, you have to pick an island. The genes above are built for a snow biome, so I recommend that. You can edit it to suit other ones, but must keep big or medium body recessive.


Set Baby duration to one day, Child to 5, Teen to 5, Adult to 40. Damage multipliers are up to you.

Start with 30 food.


- Eat only meat.

- When giving birth to Nichelings, have at least two in a row.

- Live in small packs, up to 5 Nichelings in one pack. After going above 5, have some move to a different spot on the island to make their own pack.

- If two large (3+) packs encounter each other, roll to see which one wins a battle for territory. Inflict the losing pack with damage and bleed, and have them flee.

- Do NOT invite wanderer Nichelings. Only invite them if starting a new pack and they have saber-tooth fangs.


The rules are to be added onto as time passes! Send me your gameplay just to see how it goes :)

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Cool challenge! Though not being able to invite wanderers unless they have saber fangs may make things difficult. Maybe you can use the setgene command to give saber fangs to a wanderer/creature in ice if you need them to start a new pack? Or you can roll to see if you're allowed to? Also, if there are any children born without saber fangs do you banish them? Or can this not happen?

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I would say you can bend the rule to your fitting. If you need them to start a new pack, then yes, you can change their genes. If a child is born without saber fangs, do whatever you want. Banish them, send them off to form a new pack, edit their genes, or keep breeding them to see how long the gene persists. It's really up to you

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