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ranks got removed :[ people were putting pronouns in their ranks but now we cant do that and you also cant put () or [] or / in ur username so just like put your pronouns here ,

n e ways My pronouns are she/her but i do not mind if you call me something else

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1 minute ago, Katumai said:

he/him she/her and xey/xem

i prefer he/him but any of these are fine

oh and please for the love of god dont call me they/them it just. makes me uncomfortable (same with it/its)

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On 7/15/2021 at 4:44 PM, Constant Panic and Plagues said:

Since I'm back with a slight change to my pronouns here's goes

I use any pronouns except she/her and they/it/he/hollow are my most perferred

Update on this

I have another set of very perferred pronouns


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