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  • 4 weeks later...

As the night slowly fades away and the first rays of sun start to shine over the horizon Dikeh and Nadu are both filled with a deep happiness as they look at the cub lying between them.


Meanwhile, Lendok can't contain his excitement at the little bundle of dark brown fur sleeping in his former nest. Nearly tripping over himself he sniffs the newborn's head, then starts licking his little sister.


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After spending a quiet day recovering from the birth of the new cubs, the tribe awakens to rain wetting their fur. Noticing the scent of prey, Liri takes this opportunity to teach Lendok how to hunt.


They return succesfully and are greeted to a pair of sky-blue eyes looking at them curiously. The small cub is standing wobbily and as she attempts to move towards her father and older brother, her left paw gives out under her. Liri, previously looking at his daughter with joy and love seems to startle. His eyes darken as he notices the way the cub's right paw is curled into itself, all too reminiscent of his own.20211003160032_1.thumb.jpg.142a0729ef78971759078aefe2c9acc2.jpg

Adave doesn't notice as she is busy watching Lendok adoringly bump his head against that of his sister. "Do you see those little bumps next to her ears? She'll have horns just like your dad." she explains, voice soft with affection. Turning her attention to her mate, she asks "What do you think about calling her Uthko?" Still not able to tear his eyes away from his daughter's crippled paw, Liri nods.

Adave hesitates, sensing something off about his behaviour, but before she can say anything a voice calls over. It is Dikeh, eager to show off his daughter Zariti.



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For anyone interested, here's the translation of Uthko (the other names aren't fully translatable because I haven't yet assigned meaning to all syllables):

Uth means fierce or wild and is traditionally either given to strong cubs or an honorary title for an especially brave fighter. Adave chose this syllable because Uthko both has ram horns and poison fangs, traits typically associated with strength.

Ko translates to earth, ground, soil and was chosen by Adave both due to her daughter's fur colour and as a good luck charm - ko also signifies being well-fed and healthy.

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