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Ability to manage the number of prey spawning in



I wish there was an option to manage prey numbers like rabbil, Dodomingos and fish, basically whatever number you put increases the spawn rate, with the maximum number being more often/more spawning in than normal, and 0 being rarely spawned in.


I feel the maximum would be around 20-30 or more for a reasonable amount of prey animals, so imagine having 10 rabbils darting to a bush at once or rarely having dodomingos steal your nests!



And it would definitely add some life for playthroughs or challenges, like if someone wants to simulate a prey shortage or overpopulation!

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I want this but with predators. I want to fight 50 bearyena and struggle for my nicheling kingdom's life. I had an actual siege once with 5 killer bearyena at once with a small kingdom of about 15 nichelings. Their army was wiped out and they were beginning to starve until a nickeling was born with 7 strength and he led them to victory until his death in battle. He was and still is my favorite nicheling of all time.

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