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25 minutes ago, Modths are butterflies said:

TW: Mention of abuse

Personality: Low self esteem, disillusioned with the world, closely attached to friend (Dream-Imagine Dragons)

Job: Photographer (House of Memories- Panic! At the Disco)

Backstory: Dealt with anxiety most of their life, an accident causing it to worsen and depression to rear its ugly head. With the help of a loved one, they were able to fight back (Monster - Imagine Dragons)

Friends: Character placed their trust in the wrong people. Is anyone really good? Why so much greed? They stopped going to that church eventually (Demons - Imagine Dragons)

Love Life: Character was in an abusive relationship, eventually killing their partner in self defense. This haunted them for a long time, causing them to have commitment issues (Centuries - Fall Out Boy)

Where they live: Character lived in a poor neighborhood, raised by a single mother. The family could barely afford to pay their bills, with Character working from a young age. Character eventually raised enough money to move the family to a nicer neighborhood. (High Hopes - Panic! At the Disco)

Clothing Style: Sporty clothing, matched with warm sweaters in winter. Tries to follow fashion trends but quickly goes back to their usual clothing (Zero - Imagine Dragons)

Hobby: Extreme Sports? Sometimes loses sleep thinking about all they could do. (Counting Stars - OneRepublic)

Hobby2: Part time electrician, tends to cause small fires. (My songs know what you did in the dark - Fall Out Boy)


Conclusion: Imagine Dragons made too many songs. I need more variety.

how did you get all this detailed stuff and i got "clothing style: dead"

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okay again because this is way too fun


 personality: they uh. have a mask (a mask of my own face)

job: google person (browser history)

backstory: telephone or smth idk (touch tone telephone)

friends: swedish weebs (caramelldansen)

love life: two trucks engaging in redacted activities (self-explanatory)

where they live: in a cabinet (cabinet man)

clothing style: russia tm (zavodila)

hobby one: SPOOKY MONTH (spookeez)

hobby two: chaotic (the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny)

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10 hours ago, Ranboo but a lot worse said:

Okay uh one sec

Outgoing, Loud, Energetic, Brave (Dear Maria count me in)

(Probably a manager for a big company) GOD??? (It’s tough to be a god)

TRAUMA (Hey kids)

chaotic (The ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny)

Great (watermelon sugar)

Space?????? (Astronaut in the ocean)

Peppy? (Popipopopopipo [miku])

uhh murder (Brittle bones Nicky)

Time to do this a second time

Personality- Stressed, Anxious, Questioning, (Coffee ; Jack stauber)

Job- Dancer? (Tokyo ; Leat’eq)

Backstory- Apparently they died (Cabinet man ; Lemon Demon)

Friends- ALSO CHAOTIC (Mask - Sus version ; We the sus music)

Love life- Lies (Skellies ; Updog)

Home- A MALL???? (Coconut mall)

Clothing style- old style (Mama Mia ; ABBA)

Hobby1- Doing too many drugs (SugarCrash! ; ElyOtto)

Hobby2- Clown? (Hokus pokus ; Insane Clown Posse)

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23 hours ago, pepper_ said:

im gonna cry



ill do this

what (lovejoy are you alright full ep)

DNF??? (heatwaves)

i just- what (caesar by the oh hellos)

you don't need friends when your already traumaed (brutal)


jungle?? (toes by glass animals)

w h a t (the other side of paradise)

drugs and arson (happy pills and torches)

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i am doing it agaiinnnnn


personality - controlling lil crap (everybody wants to rule the world by tears for fears)

job - maybe works at a club??? or smthn??? (mr loverman by ricky montgomery)

backstory - he was. chased. (small world by jack stauber)

friends - theyre reliable with the ladIES (the bidding by tally hall)

love life - *sharp inhale* yikesssssss (as the world caves in by matt maltese)

where they live - maybe in hollywood or near broadway (art is dead by bo bunrham)

clothing style - ah yes emo kid (outliers and hypocrites: a fun fact about apples by will wood)

hobby 1 - once again just going to clubs and parties ig? (one day by lovejoy)

hobby 2 - being sad. thats totally a hobby. (your sister was right by wilbur soot)

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On 9/22/2021 at 4:23 PM, pepper_ said:


aack I missed my chance

4 hours ago, pepper_ said:

guys im not sure if i prefer catjam or ratjam and i feel very conflicted

i mean look they both have their strong suits

i feel the need to pick a side

but i love them both

Ratjam Rat Dance GIF - Ratjam Jam Rat - Discover & Share GIFs


Catjam GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


if you combine it it creates THE ULTIMATE BEAT

also you clearly do not want to pick a side meaning the only option you'll pick will be both

3 hours ago, pepper_ said:

dang right im a little rat


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  • pepper_ changed the title to pepper's homethread where i gush over various shows

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