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pepper's homethread where i


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this may be identical to the last one I posted I dont feel like checking how much it's changed 

“i feel like i have butter in my nose cos im eating popcorn ://”

-green minecraft

“i hope you never have calcium ever again so i can crunch you like a basketball and dunk you into a pool of acid”

“youve lost all your privileges, you are now a fish.”

“tide pod challenge nyoom nyoom nyoom”

“are humans endangered- wait wHAT-”

“why are they a bird now- waitweretheyaLWAYSABIRD-”

-avster uwu

"lets make bees go extinct too. i think we should have kept on going, i thought we were on a roll with that"


*talking about encanto*

“we stan the fifty year old rat man”

“gamers, i am secretly a serval.”

“the dog. has been drinking (pee).”

“get your wet goop everybody, cmon!!!”

“this ELK just came up and SLAPPED me!!!!!!!!”

“now i’ll (pee) on their dead bodies 😇

*talking about lemon demon slowed reverb songs*

“he sounds like a vacuum cleaner.”

“thats NOT an nft, thats a commentary on the current state of society.”

“PEPPER im coming to your house its gonna be a meetup im gonna bring a gun and im gonna shoot you.”

“pov youre being shot”


“ratatouille genocide route”

“all americans old enough to shoot their own guns, gather beneath the podium for a presidential speech”



“i used to hate squirrels with a burning passion”

“pov you date minecraft steve”

“pepper i just called you ‘mother.'"

“murder isnt a joke here PEPPER”


“i think we would know if we were in mcc. like, scott would text our moms or something.”

“my new years resolution is 480p”

“my love language is beating people with a wooden bat 🥺🥺

“the feminine urge to break a window”

“(pee) alone will save our clan”

-cookie gaming cookie

*roleplaying as neil cicierega in roblox*

pancake- “if you get me out of jail i'll give you an autograph”

me- “whooaaaa this is so cooooolll

this is so crazy man”

pancake- “please just get me out of jail”

plus some others but I don't know if they are very stray fawn community forums appropriate 

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