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pepper's homethread where i


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4 hours ago, pepper_ said:

wonder where id be if i didnt click on that first ranboo strea-

oh right id be doing my homework that im currently procrastinating




  N  O   W

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2 minutes ago, pepper_ said:

am i the only one who gets like really suspicious when i see someone visited my profile

like "oh, cool, that person looked on here


but whyy..."

*quietly sneaks onto profile with a mysterious suitcase*

hey kid you want some happy flour- *dies*

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6 minutes ago, pepper_ said:

because nobodys perfect, polly pollygussie

your falling at your job epper

Edited by Polly
this is what happens when you talk to two people at once, you get names wrong (aka i called epper mod)
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3 minutes ago, Polly said:

epper im sus now, i looked at your profile

no youre always sus /j

3 minutes ago, Polly said:

ishould stop spamming this im sorry

nono dont be i really dont mind, i like this place being chill and having ppl come on to just talk!

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9 hours ago, pepper_ said:

i feel like my character is like taking the first steps to becoming the villain and im scared

just create a seperate character if you don't want it.

or not it'll work great for my character.

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  • pepper_ changed the title to pepper's homethread where i

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