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pepper's homethread where i


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10 minutes ago, NEW COOKIE said:

Oh i thought you meant like hype as a verb and that the site had some kinda "Hey Kids be a new member on this website hype hype hype!!!!!"

so hype!!!!!111!!!!

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19 minutes ago, ralsei deltarune said:

i for some reason joined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have no idea why but i did!!!!!!!!!

my exact thought process when i created my account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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someone in the roblox game i was in said to someone else that they like doctor pepper and then i came out of nowhere and said "did someone call my name?" and i will never have a more perfectly timed moment in my entire life it was amazing

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46 minutes ago, pepper_ said:

math is blue fight me /lh


8 minutes ago, Boo Boy said:

math is red though


1 minute ago, White Lily Cookie said:

math is purple

math is yellow

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  • pepper_ changed the title to pepper's homethread where i

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