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What Playthrough Should I Continue?


What Playthrough Should I Continue?  

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  1. 1. mmm sequels-

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so i was going through some of my beloved older playthroughs and i thought, 'hey, i kinda miss all of these' so i figured why not consider making some 'sequels'

two out of three of these arent even cancelled or anything, IL's save is on MY COMPUTER THAT IS IN STORAGE AND I WILL PROBABLY NEVER SEE AGAIN. THANKS MOM

APOD is just finishing up and im trying to get my lazy self to write the last few damn chapters like cmon Kat

and Kevin is lost in outer space or smth idk that kid is weird and i miss him

OBBACL and BIL, however, are both finished/cancelled. people seemed to like them a lot when i was still doing them though (even though they kinda sucked like cmon guys-you thought literally ANYTHING about the way i wrote Treasure was good???? smh awful taste, guys /lh)

anyway, im just gonna clarify how i would 'continue' each one if i chose them:


OBBACL is the one that made me consider any of this in the first place, I realized I still liked all the curses and stuff I came up with and didn't want it all to go to waste. It's kind of already being continued in a way cough FAREWELL cough  but not in the way I want it to. If I continued it then I would probably go the route of showing the descendants of some of the characters and how curses are still a big problem because Quosine be like that I guess-rip Cream i miss her 😔


mmm ah yes, BIL, my awful. awful cringy playthrough-good lord why anyone like,,,enjoy this?? Anyway, even though I loathe how I wrote most of it, I still have a big soft spot. It was one of my first playthroughs with some actual story and I remember being so happy by all the support I got on it and how people liked/despised the characters. Even if I feel like most of it's story potential is drained, I'd probably take a similar route as I would with OBBACL, where the descendants of the characters are just out livin their lives. Nothing super interesting, just. life stuff


KEVIN,,,I AM GOING,,,TO CRY?? GOD DAMN I love this kid and his stupid little ragtag gang of lost children, taking these only half seriously so much fun and I'm so attached to these guys its not even funny. Edith?? Girlboss. Queen of my heart and my soul. Rezu? Look out because HERE HE COMES, LOVABLE LITTLE IDIOT. Christine? The best, absolute angel, would kill for her. Bumblebee? A queen. An icon.

wow that was just me rambling?? anyway, if you think for one second I'm not getting Kevin to Home Island then THINK AGAIN. HE IS GETTING THERE. HE IS GOING, AND MY FUNKY LITTLE ADVENTURING SQUAD ARE ALL GONNA GO HOME AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER DAMMIT. Continuing this would just mean continuing with the same characters but on a different save fie. Kevin is going home dammit


People really liked this one too, and if I'm being honest, so did I-it was such a fun and interesting concept to play with and the characters really grew on me. Pocky is still one of my favorites today. It actually BREAKS MY HEART that I probably wont ever update it again-the way I would continue this would be different from the others, instead of the same characters or their desecendants read Farewell. Please. Firalis is right there you can literally see her she is literally Wildfire in a different font  it would be characters related to the starters-like Statter's supposed royal family or Bastille's questionable parents-and see how they're all handling this stuff


There's a lot I want to say about this one but just know I love it and I would do anything for Doxx-anyway, I'm wrapping this one up soon (not as in cancelling, but a proper ending) which feels kinda nice. The way I would continue this one is pretty simple-take all of the second/third generation kids and move to the next island, see how they take care of things with their being. yknow, dead and cursed and all


if you havent read any of the playthroughs yet then please do-they're not very long (except maybe BIL) and even though some are better than others i spent a lot of time and effort on the

please just vote this is important i promise 🙏

thats it. im tired. its 11 pm on a school night wtf am i doing

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5 hours ago, Katumai said:

cmon guys i need like one more vote 🙏 just break the tie between obbacl, il and Kevin (ive decided to continue two of these playthroughs so whichever two get the most votes)

OBBACL and Kevin are now tied at 3 votes which is more than IL so I guess they are the 2 winners?

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alright its official

Kevin and OBBACL are being continued!! i'll have the OBBACL sequel started sometimes today i think and Kevin will be back from his trip to Disneyland sometime soon i promise

maybe i'll continue IL too sometime

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