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so in english today we had to do creative writing based off of a list of prompts/sentence starters

and i naturally wrote about my little sfs babies

its not very good (i suck at pacing in stories), but i thought id put it here cos whyyy nottt

(the prompt i chose was "ten years from now, you'll all remember my name because...")

(also i needed to modify the story a bit because. minecraft.)


“Ten years from now, you’ll all remember my name-” she smiled and turned to him “-because I’m going to change the world!” He met her gaze and scoffed.

“Sure you will.” But even as he dismissed her idea, he almost wished it could have been true. He looked off to the meeting house. Kumi and Teagan were in there right now planning goodness knows what. He set his jaw. Tonight was the night. The three had been planning and preparing for months to get this bothersome girl out of the village. Such a girl just so happened to be sitting next to Reese right at that moment, her eyes full of wonder and hope. Who cares what happens to her. Kumi had said. We just wanted her for her help, and we knew that from the start. She’s far overstayed her welcome, if you ask me. And Reese knew it to be true. He wanted to get rid of her. And yet…

“I’d better get going,” he said, standing up.

“Oh! Okay! I’ll see you tomorrow!” Pepper replied, beaming up at him.

“Yeah..” Reese mumbled as he walked down the hill to the meeting house. “‘Tomorrow.’”


“What took you so long?” Kumi demanded as soon as he stepped in the doorway. “This is happening tonight whether we’re ready or not. We’ve got to be prepared.”

“C’mon we’ve been at this for months! What else could we possibly need?” Reese looked around the room at all the diagrams and papers, neatly stacked according to Kumi. His eyes fell on the box of matches on the table. He quickly looked away. Kumi groaned.

“If this plan falls through, we’re done.”

“Relax a bit, would you?” Teagan punched her lightly in the arm. “Pepper’ll be out of our hair by tonight. We just go up to her house, make sure she’s not inside, light the match and done!” Reese turned to face toward the door. He could’ve sworn he’d just heard it rattle.

“Okay, okay.” Kumi walked over to the table to scan the plans over once again. “As soon as that sun sets, it’s go time.” She looked up at Reese and Teagan. They both nodded. This is what was supposed to happen since the beginning. Reese reminded himself. There’s no way I’m gonna go back on it now.


Kumi swiped the matches off of the table.

“Let’s do this.”

The three set off in the night to Pepper’s house. It was all the way at the edge of the village. Reese looked around to make sure Pepper wasn’t looking at them. He spotted the hill they were both just sitting at before. He shook his head. This was it.

“Lights are off.” Kumi said, to herself or to the others no one was sure. “It’s now or never.”

“Wait,” Reese said quietly. “Where did that sheep that she has go?” The little fence in the front yard where he was usually kept was empty.

“Who the hell cares?” Teagan looked at him. Reese sighed.

“Let’s just get this over with.” Kumi snapped. She struck the match and tossed it into the front yard.

Reese had never seen something catch on fire that quickly. Within minutes the house was engulfed in flames.

“WOO!” Kumi shouted. “We did it! Oh my gosh - we actually did it!!”

“We- we did!” Reese looked up at the house. This was exactly what was meant to happen. Now Pepper would be out of that village and wouldn’t be a problem anymore. His joy barely lasted long though.

There was a shrill scream. “Oh my gosh- y-you actually did it! You-you-” Reese turned around. There Pepper was, the light of the fire illuminating her face. Had she always looked that old? It seemed like she’d aged a lifetime since that time on the hill.

“In ten years-” Teagan smiled at her. She walked over, malice lacing her words“-in ten years you’ll still not have forgotten our names.”

It only took the look on Pepper’s face for Reese to know.

They had changed the world.

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12 hours ago, Boo Boy said:

I want to animate this with someone from sfs but I can’t decide who


c!green as jon and c!eevee as garfield

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Duocake shouldnt have left. (lore for them soon oo???)

(tw for derealization?)






























(tw for derealization?)

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8 hours ago, Green said:

I got distracted and forgot I had a request to do so I tried some lighting practice stuff with c!green instead-



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26 minutes ago, Green said:

I haven't been doing much Citrus lore (or much of any lore for that matter-) So have this little bit of lore :))

There is a reason citrus can't talk...


(omg fingers???) 

this is what it feels like when everyone talks over you when you want to say something

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8 minutes ago, Peridot said:

Hc that she can summon a floating crown whenever she wants

Like this!


its not a headcanon if its your character

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