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the pain challenge


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also known as THVHODPDEWoFWCC which stands for the honestly very hard overly detailed personality dragon egg whims of fate warrior cat challenge.




things you will need

a random number generator ( random.org is a good one)

family echo (or some family building program, optional)



sandbox settings





^ you can make the name, gems or rank whatever you want

world settings are normal



(most of these are copy pasted from their challenges because i am not typing them)

[rules below are from lilytuft's challenge the dragon egg challenge]

 You can only kill rogue males after they've bred with one of your females.

Every leader of the group is called Chair. Start with Chair the 100th and count down from there. If you reach 0, start using negative numbers.


When a new Chair is crowned, you need to select a ritual spot like a tree, a nest or a tree stump and gather everyone around it.

If a Chair dies before the ceremony is performed, you must skip one day without doing anything.

Nichelings with webbed paw are sacrificed to the sea if possible. If not, they need to have at least 4 children.

[rules below are from whims of fate]

before breeding, you must generate the mutations 

(this work well for mutations https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/214535915/ )

ill add the other rules later im tireddd


the extra pain dlc (tm)

add the 100 baby challenge

blind gene mode

try the challenge on deadly hills 

if you get attacked/a nicheling dies restart (the only damage allowed is sickness and old age as a death) [suggested by zix ^]

the overly detailed challenge

i realized it wouldn't really fit, so here it is!


you can add any of these rules if you want!

(ps. first one to 1000 days with all of the rules in the extra pain dlc (tm) wins)


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3 hours ago, Modths are butterflies said:

I will also do it yourself 🔫

(I don't have time lol. Tryna keep up with all the roleplays and playthroughs I'm doing already. I haven't played my Storymode one in a long time so I will be trying to get an episode out in the next couple days but who knows if I'll be able to!)

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