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I'm back and have some things to say

Andreas aka Mothpool

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Hello! I haven't been here for forever but I'm probably going to start being active again! I also have a few things to say

Warriors Sims 3: I will be restarting this sometime since I got a new laptop, but the laptop I'm using right now might need to get replaced so I won't be starting it yet

Into The Wild Stop-Motion Movie: I will be making an Into The Wild stop motion movie so if you want to be a VA feel free to audition! All roles open except Sandpaw https://discord.gg/xmcjXgaudp

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Welcome back! I was wondering why you stopped taking your turn on the community challenge. If you want you can get back in the cue. But you don't have to! Those projects sound interesting! Will be on the lookout for them.

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