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Lizardcake will draw for you


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Well yeah. What the title says.


You can choose between: Fullbody(if no information will draw that)/Headshot, Digital(if no information will draw that)/Traditional/Animated pixel (only headshot).

You can choose what pose, expression, or background you want. If you don't I will come up with what I think looks best.

Also besides nichelings I draw cats, birds and dragons.

Please point out things they don't have in-game (scars, freckles, etc)!

Also don't get mad or bug me if I don't get your nicheling drawn. I have school and other things, and I will only draw them when I want and/or have time.

Art examples here.


I just realized that

You can give me a screenshot and I will draw it

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(I shall get some nichelings to u to draw this week. Oh wait start with this one:


Do full-body. Digital since I'd like it colored (sketch means no color, right?) Go off his genes if u have to and remember that since he's a spiky body he has no tail! He has a webbed paw and nimble fingers. He is a baby nicheling (zero gemmed). You could also do a scene where he's on the beach looking alone and afraid cause his mother died.

Sorry for the picture quality I took it with my phone)

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On 10/5/2021 at 2:42 PM, Lizardcake said:

also did you notice the bluuebird?

(I didn't! how could I have missed it? I think it's because I was on my phone so the screen was small lol. I do notice it now that you pointed it out)

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