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when the art is old 😳😳


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so this is like a thing people do ig

just thought i could make fun of old me's drawings, feel free to join in


this was the first drawing i ever posted on here :,]

loquat what did i do to you my poor boy did not deserve this

his legs are so small

and his toes are so


but like i honestly dont think i can even slightly pull off drawing this pose anymore so id say its a 6.5/10


Art Fight 2020 Attack Number Five! Omelette!

i did this for artfight and im honestly still really proud of that horse but the background is horrid

the grass is so like


and what the frick is up with the sky like it reminds me of the background in the wii fit hula-hoop minigame yall know what im talking about??

this fricker right here

Wii Fit U got Coppa'd: Coppa

if it were just the horse itd get like a 10/10, but the background included makes it like a 5/10

(the character is by egg_owo_muffin on artfight btw)


Bedroom- Background Practice!

i hate this one so much i swear why is everything so washed out and wiggly 0/10


if you guys want to scrounge thru my old nicheling drawing topic or, for the brave souls out there, my old deviantart posts, then you are welcome to.


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