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Kat for mod 2021


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I've decided that this year I will be running for moderator of Stray Fawn Forums!! And HERES why!!!

-im cool

-im awesome

-im swaggy

-i have great hair

-i am so nice and friendly

-move im gay

-i cant remember which way is left or right half the time

-je peux parler français


-i was complimented by ga once

-i believe in yeehaw foggie supremacy 🙏

-my entire family is cool and epic and swaggy

-i have three moms!! i bet YOU dont have three moms!!

-Fawncat, Yeehaw Foggie and Hatsune Miku all raised me its true i swear

-Brokenshock is my sibling they can vouch for me

-please dont ask to see the family tree you dont want to just trust me

-my pfp on Discord is NOT the dnf flag and it is NOT only still there to spite Flower faf


-please im broke i cannot afford to feed my family

-all ive got to give everyone in my will is an old creepy painting and some skittles

-please Gamingcookie desrves more than some skittles

-i talk to Meatypoltergeist69 regularly

-i bet YOU dont talk to Meatypoltergeist69 regularly!!

-there is a lawn mower outside and it has been going for like an hour please im gonna lose it 




all of this only half a joke

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6 hours ago, InThePantry -they,he- said:

vouch and also petition signed 🙏
kat katumai is my favorite girlboss and definitely deserves mod position 

omg thank you inthepantry!! you are also my favorite girlboss 🙏

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