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A Story of the Past |Warrior Cats Sim

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Inspired by-


and their sim-

Ruins ~ [Warriors Sim/RP]



Mother had said that cats that wander alone always end up in some sort of trouble..

But surely this isn't what she meant?


Father always said to not believe everything you're told..

But then why does this seem so real?


Brother always said that Happily Ever Afters come to those who deserve it..

But is there really such thing as 'Happily Ever After'?


Who do I trust?

What is this place?

When did I arrive?

Where am I supposed to go?

How did I get here?


The only thing I can do now..

Is live this life..

Like it's my own..


All I know..

Is that this is..

A Story of the Past..


I got bored-





The live in a grove of willow trees, between RuinClan and AshClan.

They usually have pelt colors of white and gray. Sometimes black.

They are secretive and respected.


They share the Willow Tree Grove with SpiritClan, except in a more burnt part of the grove.

They usually have pelts ranging from gray to black.

The cats are neutral and respected.


They live in an abandoned graveyard.

They usually have pelt colors of black and gray.

The cats are usually hostile and odd.


They live in a small field inches away from the graveyard.

They usually have pelts from pale brown to cream. Sometimes golden.

The cats are usually sensitive and responsible.










~{Have Fun!}~

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