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Shadowfalls, a fantasy adventure RP (ABANDONED)


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38 minutes ago, Modeer said:

The dragon dropped you off near the two humans you found yourself with earlier


36 minutes ago, Lizardcake said:

'Oh, thanks, big lizard. As if I can't fly myself.'

*insert flashbacks of not being able to fly*

Rebbecca whirled around. "Dragon? What in the world?"

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2 hours ago, __________________________ said:

He waited until the gate fully opened, and looked around.


31 minutes ago, Chiyanna said:


Rebbecca waited beside Tristan.

A guard approached you.

"Hail, travelers! Do you have any weapons on you?"

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1 minute ago, Chiyanna said:

"Oh, alright, no I don't have one on me," she said. She usually wasn't out and about alone so she had never needed one, but she should get one... Especially since her companions had no weapon.

'*creepily reads mind* I do have a tail barb sometimes but that depends how I'm drawn'

haha breaking the fourth wall

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  • Modiano changed the title to Shadowfalls, a fantasy adventure RP (ABANDONED)

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