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Fawn v Deltarune Hunger Games


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Name: lancer

Pronouns: he/him



Affiliation in the forum war: deltarune

Team: deltaruner

Perks (traits): annoying, kind

Item: flamethrower

Main or minor: main i guess??? i have no idea??

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Name: The original          starwalker 

Pronouns: they/them



Affiliation in the forum war: deltaruner

Team: deltarune

Perks (traits): unstable an devious (none of these describe them)

Item: lasergun

Main or minor: minor

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7 hours ago, Chiyanna said:

Round 2:


Kris be afraid be very afraid....



Poor Algey. WHitetail is at it again! Deltarune is failing again.... YEAH U MADE THE MISTAKE OF LETTING WHITETAIL STAY actually it might not be a mistake I mean she might lead u to victory with her murder


NO RIP CAKE TEAM. Jara's savage this time

. . .

S O M E O N E   A V E N G E   U S

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11 hours ago, spamton deltarune said:

Name: K. Round

Pronouns: They



Affiliation in the forum war: Deltarune

Team: Deltaruners

Perks (traits): Bulky, survivalist

Item: No item

Main or minor: Minor


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I made a new adoptable

Name: (deltaruners put the character your pfp represents, fawns put your deer character's name or ur username) Star Dragon

Pronouns: (he, she, or they) they

Pfp: (optional)reuyd.thumb.png.b278aeba4ce638ae9aee7de58f71dd1c.png

Affiliation in the forum war: (Put your actual affiliation, Fawn, Deltarune, Cake, Imperial, or Neutral, you may put multiple ones if you're loyal to multiple groups) none

Team: (Your team in this, don't make it radically different from your affiliation) adopt (any)

Perks (traits): (u can choose up to 2, visit the site for the list of perks)peaceful, goth

Item: (visit the site for the list of items) magic wand/acient scepter (I don't care)

Main or minor: (this means whether ur a main character or background character, major characters do something every round, minor characters don't) minor

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6 hours ago, Modeer said:

Moment of appreciation for the game shipping Kris and Ralsei

kris and ralsei is a slightly cursed ship but i can see why people could ship it 

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On 11/9/2021 at 3:55 PM, Chiyanna said:

Name: Twinrotains

Pronouns: they (this makes the text plural, right?)

Pfp: Mouse Deer – Chevrotains: Facts and Sightings - Fantastic Wildlife

Affiliation in the forum war: deer

Team: deer

Perks (traits): cute and meek

Item: slingshot

Main or minor: main (can be minor too if you want)


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