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Ozzy Homeplace/Art Dump where i overwork myself for fun and complain about being sick/tired, and also post art sometimes


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i might have done the most smartest thing in my life


i took all the robux prices of the cosplay things and did math irl


like no calculator or nothin im so smartttt

so every item i would purchase, i wrote it down in category for each cosplay, added the numbers together and i got the total robux i would need to buy all three cosplay things

in total all three cosplays would cost 427 robuxs 

so if i spent a total of 10 dollars on 800 robuxs that would leave me with 373 robucs that i could spend on whatever the heck i want


there you have it

i have proved to you all that i am smart

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when you spend time and effort on your puzzles only for a blue kid, an emo dinosaur, and a sussy goat boy to solve them without breaking a sweat


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man my nose is all stuffy and gross ewww


i legit look like the snotty little cousin who would ask if you have games on your phone--

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