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a new beginning


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Not really a new beginning but i didn’t know what to write as the title😂 i don’t even know what this site is but i came across it in december 2020 and i rmmbr a few people here made me feel good with their comments on my post so yeah , around a year later i’m back🐝 i’ve grown so much this year, and i’ve challenged myself a lot and succeeded , i’m glad. Yesterday was my 20th bday , it feels weird but anyways update on my previous and only post.. i am now double majoring in nursing and english literature and i feel good up till now, i’m glad i took the chance and didn’t give up. I hope everyone is doing well..

in the end we’re in this life to try and fail and try and fail and try and maybe succeed some day so why not try whatever the heck you want 

don’t give up and keep going 🐝🌻💛 

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