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The Painful Challenge (v1)


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this is just the beginning

(original idea by polly)



The Painful Challenge (v1)

-added rules from unnamed pain challenge

-added More Pain DLC


rules from my unnamed pain challenge:

you can't use permanent nests

if a rogue breeds with one of your females you must kill both the child and the female

when you get to whale island you need to randomly generate the island you go to next

oh and when the food count goes above 100 two either randomly generated nichelings or that you choose(first option for more pain) go to drown themselves

if they have gills or water body or there is no water on the island they kill themselves with thorns

If they have gills or water body or there is no water on the island and there is no thorns then THINK OF SOMETHING MAN (anything will do as long as you murder them)



More Pain DLC

Start on overgrown jungle

completely random starters, absolutely no prep

no freeing from carnivorous plants

no fighting apes

no wings, wings must be killed

random mutations

no food or nesting material on start


Comment with rules you want added

I dare you to try this >:)



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