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Cannot Confirm 'Important Note'


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Hey Satrycus,

to figure out what might go wrong could you please help me to get a logfile.

If it always happens when you start the game could you follow these steps:

  1. start the game
  2. click the 'Confirm' button
  3. kill the game (alt + F4)
  4. get the logs like described here
  5. upload the file "Player.log" to this Thread

Thank you very much

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Hey @Satrycus

I've analyzed this bug with another player on Discord.
Seems the problem is that other connected input devices interfere with the game.

So please try disconnecting all Flight-sticks, Gamepads, Touch Pads or other input devices so you only have the mouse and keyboard connected and restart the game and try again. Hopefully this works
We'll try to release a fix for this soon :)


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