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adoptables!!!! for you!!!


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3 hours ago, Snaketail said:

I wanna do something like this too


3 hours ago, Modiano said:

Maybe I'll make something similar to this if it's okay

Yeah you guys can do your own versions of this nobody’s stopping you :]

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37 minutes ago, NEW COOKIE said:

can i uabe the picture of them without red stuff i know i saved it but i cannot find it for the life of me

i will give it to at like 5 pm bc i dont have my ipad and they're on there sorry 

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On 12/12/2021 at 7:30 AM, Boo Boy said:

anyways first batch of dudes
(The ones with no specified gender are the ones you can gender yourself after adopting)


i want the fluffiest one available

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