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Secret Niche Art Santa 2021 🎨🎅 (The Art!)


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Sorry for the delay! I've had a busy few days (Christmas Eve, Christmas, a second Christmas, my birthday, and a rest day)!

Above each art piece is the recipient. Feel free to make your guesses (whether you're guessing your own SS or someone else's)! Please wait for your recipient to guess you before confirming! You're free to deny others' guesses if they guess you incorrectly.

One last thing - please do not comment on the ability of an artist in a negative way. Everyone has their own artistic ability, and they tried their best for you. If you can't encourage or compliment them, just don't say anything.


@ralsei deltarune









@Lilytuft with antlers









@New Mod Eve







@flower -she-he-
(ES art - this artist drew another piece here!)



@Christmas pepper









@Boo Boy












And that's all! We had 16 participants this year, which is actually exactly as many as last year even though we lost and gained some members.

Now have fun!!!

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  • Sky pinned this topic

I'm pretty sure mine was by Lilytuft!

and for others I guess:


Lilytuft's: Pepper

Mod's: PurrSnoutMaster

Flower's: Lilytuft

Pepper's: Mod

PurrSnoutMaster's: Probably pancake

Pancake's: Polly

Gono's (or whatever your usual name is): Tundra

8 hours ago, FriendlyBearyena said:

l L O V E ! i think it was pebble

FriendlyBearyena's: yep it was me


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9 hours ago, Christmas pepper said:

THANK YOU TO WHOEVER DREW MINE!! im going to make a guess and say it was mod? its really cute whoever it was tho, i love it!!!!!!! :DD


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6 hours ago, Gono said:

Omg thank you to who ever drew mine I love it!! 


I have no idea who drew mine but I'm guessing tundra did? The art style in their pfp looks similar. 

You would be correct! It was me :.D

I have no idea who did mine. I'm going to make an extremely wild guess and say maybe Flower? but like I said I have no idea

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You fool! Did you think you could hossst an art event and not get any yourssself? Well you were wrong!

(Art not by me, you have to guessss!)


Alright, that isss all! Time to disssappear for a hundred yearsss

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21 hours ago, flower -she-he- said:


whoever drew juniper i love you /p

also i am going to guess the es that did mine was lilytuft

11 hours ago, Lizardcake said:

I'm pretty sure mine was by Lilytuft!

and for others I guess:


Flower's: Lilytuft



You are both correct! I'll try to be a little less obvious next year

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54 minutes ago, Lilytuft with antlers said:

I don't know who did mine, so I'm going to go with Pebble's guess and say it was Pepper.

Whoever it was, thank you! You made Misty look so adorable!

yep it was me :D.

im glad you like it!!!

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