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Steam Next Festival demo focus in Jan/Feb


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Dear beta testers

We're back from our holiday vacation 🥳

Thank you all very much for your patience, your kind words and of course all the great feedback you have given us in the past two months ❤️
The game has already improved significantly thanks to you and we got a good first impression on the areas that need refinement (scavenging, worker prio, poison, etc).

We wanted to give you a quick heads up that in the next two months (January and February) our main focus will be the demo for the Steam Next Festival in mid/late February.
This will be the first time The Wandering Village will be publicly playable so we want to make a great first impression! The demo is planned to have about 2 hours or content, so we will really be focusing on these first hours of the game and hopefully also add a bit of a tutorial. We also think that the game currently is still lacking in replay value, so we will be doing some experiments on how to improve this (feel free to post your suggestions). Please bear with us and help us build a solid foundation for The Wandering Village in the next two months, so we can go crazy with adding more mid and late game content after. Thank you!

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