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With the warmth of the sun leaving Adam's back, he felt a new sense of loneliness hit him- not the kind he felt when he wasn't invited to play with one of his friends when he was younger, but when he realized that he was here, away from home, possibly forever, that's when the new loneliness hit him. He didn't cry, he didn't weep, he just stood there- shocked. Most of the shock was probably from the amount of bones he just fractured, broken, and displaced- but the other was from the realization, he was now alone. 



Y'all since I kinda failed my last run I'm trying this again! Hopefully with better results! YAY!

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Adam spends the first few days healing off his wounds from when the bird carried and dropped him, but he quickly learned that this island was not a good one. It was small. But he could see a flower port off in the distance, and he was always told that these would bring him onto another island, if used correctly, so he started making his way towards it.


Reaching the port, he sighed, and closed his eyes. He hoped he would be able to use this correctly. He'd heard stories that when these were used improperly, it was possible for a Nicheling to just... poof. No one would know where they went, they would just be gone. So he hoped, and reluctantly used the port.


Opening his eyes, Adam was disappointed that he was not returned home, but happy that he also didn't just cease to exist, so he got up and explored the bright island. ( Also off-topic but he was still teen when he reached this island. NICE. )


Adam quickly realized he wasn't alone here. So he looked around the bushes and found a red Nicheling that almost shared the same fur-color as him.

"Who are you?" Adam asked the strange new Nicheling.

"Eve, and you?" Eve asked slightly curiously.

"Adam, I didn't expect to see anyone here." 

"Neither did I, ever since I was casted out as a wanderer."

'As a what-now?"

"Backstory stuff. Wont explain." 

"Um, alright. Well, wanna be friends?"

"Sure. I'm quite lonely anyways."

So Eve and Adam became friends.



"Adam?" Eve called out.

"Yes?" Adam responded.

"Remember when I first met you?"


"Remember how I mentioned me being casted out?"

Adam tapped his chin, thinking. "I think."

"That was a lie. Everyone in my tribe was sick and dying, and I was the only one. They forced me to leave, and told me to start the tribe again somewhere else. But the problem is, I can't restart a tribe alone." Eve lowered her ears. "So can you help me?" 

Adam sighed. "Funny enough, I'm on a mission too. A mission for home. A home that I'll probably never reach. But I can try, right? And maybe my far-far relatives will find a way to get to home."

"Well what about we help each other do our missions?" Eve suggested.

Adam softened his serious face. "Sounds like a good idea." 



"Oh, look at her! She looks just like you!" Eve smiled at the little baby Nicheling she was cuddling around her stomach.

"What shall we name her?" Adam purred.

"Oh, well, back in my tribe, we always named the babies he or she depending on which gender they were, and when they got their three stones, they gain a new name based on what their talented at, or something that's happened in their life." 

"How were you named Eve?"

"I was born on the same day my grandmother died. Her name was Eve. My point is, can we do that with her?"

"Of course."


"I'm afraid this island is too cramped and small for our growing family." Adam admitted worriedly.

"We can always move. I know how to operate these ports very well." Eve answered.

"But what about her?" Adam pointed to the baby, that was just now learning to speak.

"We'll go when she's older, silly."

"Very well."


"She?" Eve said.

"Yes, mother?" She replied.

"It's time for us to leave."

"Leave? Leave what?"

"I told you when you were younger. We're leaving this island, for a newer one."

"A new island! Fun! Let's go!" She cheered. 

Eve grinned, and joined her two family members on the flower ports.



"Goodbye old island, you served us well." Eve whispered, as she worked the island port.

And then, everything of the old island was gone. It was lost to sea. Eve tried to not cry. So many memories on that island. 



Adam's eyes glimmered with curiosity as he looked around this new island. 

"Isn't it wonderful?" Adam asked Eve.

"Wonderful, yes." Eve smiled.

"Whaddya say we expand our family a bit more, now that we have more room."

"It sounds like a great idea, Adam."




She curled up her body, and launched at the unsuspecting mole, and to her surprise, she actually caught it! She showed the prey happily to her whole entire family.

"I've never seen a catch like it!" Eve complimented. 

"Me neither." Adam agreed.

She yipped quietly, and put her kill somewhere safe, for her family to eat later.



Eve proudly started at her. "She, come." 

"Yes, mom?" She bounced to Eve.

"Your excellent skills of hunting moles are expectational, which is why, from now on, as long as you live, you'll be known as Molekiller." 

Molekiller laughed happily. She had to admit, the name WAS kinda dumb. But she didn't care. It was her name.

All hers.


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