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Elements ~ A story based playthrough


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The four of them washed up on the shore.

Upon regaining consciousness, the red male stood up.

"Who are you people?!" He yelled.

"I don't see the problem." A spiky, brown female hissed.

"Actually, good question, who are you?" A gray gilled female sat nearby.

"I'm Sparrow." The masked male was the first to reply.

"I am Liirui, the royal knight of the Fire Tribe." He let out a small flame.

"Showoff, can you let us introduce ourselves too? I'm Pearl."

"No, really, what's the problem?! How many of you are there even?!"

""How many of you are there?"?!" Liirui laughed, even to the point of occasionally choking.

"Psst, I don't think you've noticed, but she's blind." Sparrow whispered to him.

Liirui was still laughing, but quietly.

The blind female sighed. "Seer. Pretty ironic, I know."


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