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New Beta Update 0.1.3


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Dear beta testers,

We just released a new patch on Steam: 0.1.3.
The next few patches will be to test the demo version for the upcoming Steam Festival, therefore some of the content is currently locked and we show and end screen as soon as you reach the first giant pollen storm.
It would be really great if you could check out this new version, report bugs and let us know what you think of the changes we made ❤️
Please also check out the list of Known Bugs below.

Here are the patch notes:

Patchnotes 0.1.3

New Features
- Added Water mechanics
- New Storage types
- Added day-night-cycle
- Added throw and catch animation when launching food with the onbu feeding trebuchet
- Added support for borderless fullscreen mode

- New resources are also available and working in savegames from the previous patch
- Fixed bug that caused screen flickering
- Fixed bug where sleeping spots and other events were spawned outside of the path
- Fixed bug where Trees spawned on top of farm tiles
- Fixed bug where resources of a certain type did not spawn
- Selecting existing plot tiles with the Add Plot tool won't mark the crops for harvest anymore.
- Miners at boulder and giant trunk now play the correct animations

- Added new building assets for iron furnace, mycologist and water collector
- Missing resources are now highlighted
- Re-sorted building categories
- New effects and assets for poisoned plants
- New resource icon for water
- Building menu pin state is now saved
- Increased character limit for bug reports, added bigger input field with scrollbar
- Reduced varying color hue of resource stacks
- Close panels/windows with right-click
- Various visual refinements for buildings and plants
- The given name for a game is now proposed when saving
- Onbu health is now color indicated in the health gauge
- New assets for locations on the worldmap
- Research tree now shows which research is recommended next.
- Find idle workers and let the camera follow them, either with the population popup in the top bar or with clicking on "i".
- The Onbu head camera should now follow the animation a bit better, so you can see Onbu sleeping or eating
- Boulders and tree stumps should no longer spawn too close together or near the edge of the map
- Maps should now contain a minimum amount of each type of resource
- Added UI for water required for farming
- Farms can now only construct plots on specific types of ground
- Houses now have different poison resistances for their inhabitants
- Deactivated fart noise for now (was a placeholder that sounded like a horn)
- Added gatherer efficiency UI
- Gatherer now collects berries from nearby berry bushes
- Onbu Doctor and Onbu Feeder now use resources out of their own buildings.

- Lots of small balancing adaptions
- World map locations and events frequency balancing

This patch also has some known bugs. We will try to fix them next week.
You don't need to report those bugs again. But please report any new bug you can find :)

Known Bugs
Major Bugs
- Onbu Feeder and Onbu Doctor do not fill their own storage (you need free workers to help them fill it!)
- Sometimes there is no mouse interaction at all
- Some resource stacks are never transported away from a construction site

Normal Bugs
- Toxic Cloud Effect is not spawned
- Hunger of Onbu might go up while it eats
- Harvest Tool in inverted state does not always work
- Onbu Food Trebuchet animation is played multiple times

Small Bugs
- Trees glitch with Onbu Edge
- Notification flags are not positioned correctly
- Workers mining giant tree trunks or boulders might face the wrong direction

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