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-Midnight Sun- (Frostlands Tribe)


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A jet-black cub named Midnight wakes up on a quiet shore.



The next day, Midnight sprouts her second gem. She decides to use her newfound energy to explore. 


She finds a cluster of sweet smelling, milky-white flowers. Pretty, but not tasty. 


Midnight curls up on a stump, dreaming of stagmoles and golden grass.


Midnight opens her eyes to a plump, fluffy rabbil.

Something stirs inside of Midnight. Something instinctual-a thirst for the hunt that didn't have to be learned. 

Yipping with joy, Midnight begins the chase. 


Midnight continues to hound after the poor thing, howling with glee.

She finally catches up to the rabbil, pouncing on it. It squeaks out, but Midnight is already tearing into the rabbil. She sleeps with a full belly.


Three things greet Midnight as she pushes inland. Snow, a rabbil, and most enticingly, a glass-like rock just ahead:


Midnight inches towards the rock-thing. She knows that she has to do something with it-it's just the specifics that're muddy.

Midnight reaches to touch the crystal. The frost melts immediately, and Midnight smears the rest of the grime away. 


Is there something inside?

She attempts to melt the crystal, but that obviously fails. Midnight tries to think of other non-violent options, but comes up blank.

With no remaining choices, Midnight finally just punches the crystal.           


It shatters into a million pieces, but Midnight is much more intrigued by the cub that sits were the crystal once was. 

The cub is red, with wild fur that sticks every-which-way. A pair of wings are folded at his side, and his pale horns match his scruffy mane.

After a heartbeat, the cub opens his big golden eyes.

Midnight kinda just stares at him for a few seconds, sorta surprised he wasn't a statue or something.

Um-my name's Midnight.........What's yours?

The cub blinks.

Oh. You can't talk yet. I guess I'll name you...hm...how about...

Midnight smoothed down one of the cub's fur-spikes.





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