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Pale’s Homethread - idk


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So uh

I already have like 10 of these but they keep dying

so I’m going to keep this homethread alive

I talk about mostly WoF, Warriors, Bee Swarm Sim (i forogt this game existed ;0;), possibly Deltarune, hardly CRK now, and newly downloaded genshin impact

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My whole school district will have the rest of the days off from Wednesday because of covid :’(

A 5th grade teacher has been absent and had to have a substitute for like 2 weeks…kinda worried

although I’m not in her classes but still

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11 hours ago, NEW COOKIE said:

you made a lot of homethreads?? i thought there was just one???????

Nope I just lost them and they all died.

accept for a 1st homethread but I got bored and made a new one

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  • pale changed the title to Pale’s Homethread - idk

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