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experimenting with flight rising's predict morphology


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1 minute ago, ItzFading Fawn said:

Experimented w/ the new dragon

Made a Todoroki themed one lolTodoroki.png.a1b07823d4518b88d7943a18b1ffe827.png

Then heres random ones

1st one: Sugar

2nd One: Ultramarine

3rd one: just a random one i didnt have a name

4th one: also randomSugar.png.3721d706555759a853a6851901d4c6af.pngUltramarine.png.e2c28c4ce5e58ae1a2204a81540e4ba5.pngaberration2.png.ed920a5e2509d7d26b1eb8e82b6400a6.pngnewdragon.png.f78d0543aeb3b40eca973441adc39663.png

*gasp* I love todoroki and the 3rd one *gasp*

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