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Laughter could be heard as the tiny nicheling followed her older brother, clinging to his tail with her front paws while her hindlegs kept her walking.

"Remember Azamiya, I need you to be super serious when we get there, okay?"

"Supah serious! Got it!" The cub giggled, cuddling the side of her face up to his fluffy tail to warm her face up the cold wind nipped at her.


The two finally made their way to the meeting, where the older nicheling turned to her and gave a sad smile.

"Alright Almond, you ready to hold up your end?"

"Yeah!" The cub mewed excitedly, giggling and fumbling with her paws to sit up.

Walnut sighed, glancing around at all the other cubs in the clearing.

"You can't be doing that.. This is really serious, okay?"

Almond straightened up a bit, calming her giggles before giving a tilt of her head.

"What's wrong?"


But after she blinked, she was looking back up at Enzyme.

"Nothing. But you.. You need to stop giggling so much here."

Azamiya tilted her head, watching as her brother looked up to the sky.

There had been birds circling, and it hadn't been long since the two had lost Stonetridge.


Almond remembered her.

Honey was the one who--



Azamiya brought a paw up to her head, whimpering, much to the confusion of Enzyme.

"What? What's wrong?"

Azamiya leaned her head into his warm coat, before looking up to him.

"Walnut, my head hurts.."

"Who's Walnut?"

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