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New beta update: 0.1.8


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Dear Beta Testers

New patch incoming: 0.1.8!
Only 5 days left before the Steam Fest starts 🤯 
Please help us to keep testing ❤️
If you encounter the  weird bug where people are employed at two buildings or a a plant etc, please report them with the ingame tool!
We're aware of the bug that the tutorial is sometimes cut off (you can click on the tutorial to close and reopen it which fixes it)

Patchnotes 0.1.8

- Fixed bug where the feeding trebuchet or the scavenging missions where stuck and the workers idling. (Not automatically fixed in old saves, needs fresh game)
- Fixed scrolling of tutorial intro text
- Fixed bugs were tutorial got stuck
- Fixed priority resetting on poison plants after growth
- Fixed day count in event log
- Fixed bug that windows can be closed with shortcut button
- Fixed a bug that air wells did not show a low productivity flag in the desert

- Bread production comes earlier in research recommendation order
- Tutorial windows can be minimized by clicking on them
- Added warnings to the log when villagers are poisoned or starving
- Tutorial order and text improvements
- Visual and content improvements for logs

Visual Improvements
- Painted asset for Onbu Doctor
- Onbu status values start blinking if they reach a critical value

- More stones on the start map

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