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New beta update: 0.1.9


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Dear Beta Testers

New tiny patch incoming: 0.1.9
Only 4 days left before the Steam Fest starts 😮
In this patch we mostly reworked the tutorial + fixed bugs. Bug reports & feedback much appreciated!
I'm also curious to hear how the game's performance feels with this patch. It it still running at similar FPS as before for you?

Patchnotes 0.1.9

- Fixed bug where the tutorial window was not displayed fully or clipped into the screen.
- Fixed bug where tutorial in a new save would continue from where it was in the previous save.

- Added wishlist popup to the demo version
- Improved the tutorial and made it shorter
- Added option to toggle tutorial while in game
- Tutorial preferences now saved per savefile
- Improved research order

Visual Improvements
- Tutorial slides now fade in and out

- Slower growth of Herbs
- Herbalist does not require research (for now)

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