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The Wandering Village Demo out now!


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Dear Onbu Riders

The Wandering Village demo is already live on Steam now!
We want to do some testing over the weekend to make sure things run smoothly when the Steam Fest starts on Monday.
If you encounter any bugs, please submit them with the ingame bug report tool.
And if the game crashes, please send us your .log file

Click on the 'Download demo' button on the Steam page to download the game.

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I played the demo and for some reason the intro video skipped and would not play - had to esc and play without it.

My GPU is probably below min specs (Radeon HD7750) - the rest of the game played (at 13 fps 😛) so not sure why the video didn't play.

LOVE the game and will definitely be buying it (and a GPU 😋)

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