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Feedback on Decontamination


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I just finished my fourth pass on the Demo.

The biggest threat currently are food and poison. I had about 34 colonists last time, and about 25 before. Each time a spore cloud hits me I try to remove the infected plants with the harvest command on highest priority as fast as possible. Usually that works, except for one last cluster that grows bigger, so I start building the deconaminator around it.

Now onto the actual feedback, ideas I had for changes:

  • Controllable troops: instead of having workers automatically burn plants in an area, maybe make it so that the workers are controllable troops that you can send around freely. Maybe add a command similar to the harvest command, except for burning plants.
  • Selectable Focus: Ability to change the focus on burning the infected plants or rather the "tissue" left behind (the blue type of soil)
  • Different Priority: Have the workers burn the plants from the outside towards the inside. I had a massive infection and almost 20 men burning, but they worked their way from the inside towards the outside. So by the time they reached the maximum range of their workplace the infection had already spread too far. Therefore: make it so they start burning from the edge of their work radius towards the building, thereby actually containing the infection in an area. Maybe add an option to change to this new priority and the current one. 

Food is another topic, but there i blame myself for not having contained the spread of poison fast enough, thus not having enough workers to produce food. 

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