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Steam Next Fest Demo Removal Notice


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Dear Onbu Riders

We have now removed The Wandering Village demo from Steam.
As you may already know, this demo was made especially for the Steam Next Fest, which has ended two weeks ago.

Thank you everyone for playing the demo and providing us with tons of feedback, bug reports and kind wishes ❤️
If you want to continue helping us to improve the game, we have a closed beta program running which everyone can join: https://strayfawnstudio.com/sendy/beta-test/

We have a long list of things we want to work on until the Early Access launch, but here are a few of the most important ones: 
* Reworking and improving the poison system
* Improving and deepening the animal interaction system
* General balancing and quality of life improvements
* Stability and performance improvements
* Localizing the game 
* Adding more content

We haven't decided on a release date yet, but our current best guess is late summer 2022.
A big thanks again for all your support! Please look forward to the Early Access launch :D

- The Stray Fawn Team

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