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Hey folks!

To report typos/helping with localisation, please head over to:

How to translate:
- Click on the language you want to help translate
- Click on the “Game Localization” file, this opens up the editor
- In the editor you can start entering your translations
- Proofreaders will later decide which translation is the best one
- If you have questions about a string, you can click on the ‘Request Context’ button or use the Comment section on the right side to ask

- Variables look like this: {[WorkerName]} please don’t translate the words inside the brackets and make sure you leave the brackets as they are. 
- Don’t add manual line breaks if the source string does not have them, we use automatic line breaks for that case
- We address the player in a casual form (for example “Du” instead of “Sie” in German)
- The gender of Onbu is neutral (the Onbu, it)

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