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More realistic evolution



The ability to think about more then basic survival, I think the need for shelter is important too, maybe it’d be nice if caves , burrows, tunnels, dens, and different nest types where added. And the ability to unlock intelligence, intelligence can unlock the understanding to make shelters, and maybe build. Also camps, for niche tribes would be cool too, as well as campfires, or the ability to blend or make other foods and medicines, I think there should be a little action bar for the amount one animal can craft or make a day, and there should be more fruit types too, I think that would be cool.

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Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy it here :)

First of all, you should probably separate some of these ideas into different threads. Second, I personally think that stuff like campfires and medicine is pretty far fetched for a quadropedal species, though dens and tunnels sound really cool. Thirdly, Niche isn't going to get anymore updates, but the team (and us forum members) enjoy reading the suggestions anyways and sometimes they even inspire aspects of future games, so keep posting!

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