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  • ItzFadeDaNightWing changed the title to Wings of Fire adoptables [ItzFadeDaNightWing]
On 4/5/2022 at 5:05 PM, ItzFadeDaNightWing said:

Alright, I'll be posting adoptables here. I'll have individual slots which I will fill when I have time.



You can only adopt two at a time. Then you need to wait for the other adopts to be taken.

You can ask me to give the dragon a name or you can always name it yourself.

You cannot change the appearance of the dragon other than scars, accessories, or missing limbs.


SLOT 1- Any Gender Albino NightWing






SLOT 2- Female melanistic IceWing (Name ideas: Blackice, Circuit, Glowworm, Luminous, Panellus)



SLOT 3- Bigender Melanistic RainWing





SLOT 4- 









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