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New Beta Update 0.1.15


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A new beta patch is live. Again the focus is on bugfixes and translations. Keep in mind some of the new buildings are still WIP, however feel free to report bugs about them.
We are currently  reworking the worldmap and scavenging and starting to work on new gameplay mechanics 🙂
For some bugfixes to work it's required to start a new save, as they are not fixed in existing save files (especially for the one where buildings disappeared)

Patchnotes 0.1.15

- Fixed bug where buildings disappeared after a pollen storm
- Fixed bug where poison particles where stuck mid-air5
- Fixed bug with invisible poison plants
- Fixed bug where poison plants could not be harvested correctly or showed a different name when clicked
- Fixed antialiasing settings for Mac and Linux
- Fixed temperature title being reversed
- Fixed bug where particle effects around Onbu's head & legs would not stop
- Fixed keymapping not working anymore
- Fixed that scroll mode and antialiasing settings are saved correctly
- Fixed bug where multiple lines appeared in the research window after switching languages

- Updated localization
- Fixed localization bugs when switching the language during the game

- Balanced construction requirements and production for new buildings
- Increased storage space of Warehouse to 250
- Slightly adjusted duration of Onbu missions

Visual Improvements
- Re-colored Berry Gatherer details, so it doesn't get confused with poisonous plants
- Reworked building grounds (Deep Quarry, Sawmill, Glassblower, Stonecutter, Material Storage, Carpenter, Hut, Water Tank, Pantry, Warehouse, Onbu Feeder, Onbu Kitchen)
- Animated building (Bakery, Tent)

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