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My suggestions and opinion on the game


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I love the way the demo has been, and love the open development view that you guys have taken. I wish for this game to do very well and have an active and thriving community.


I have many suggestions, some may be repeated by other forum uses.



attachment to more than one block. This is important for any larger build, nuff said.


Directional speed sensors to allow for hovering drones.


A node system like that of scrap mechanic's where you can attach inputs and outputs, except with a slight modification, inputs can have multiple outputs or keys attached to them.


An area sensor that can be toggled to two modes: a normal mode where if there is enemies or terrain in it it toggles, or an aiming mode to cause the tower weapons to aim towards where it selects the enemies are.


A mouse location sensor so you can have a mini army of drones follow your mouse.


Adjustable camera so you can actually see around with bigger drones.


Make the mining drones follow your mouse or automatically go to the resource, now they just follow your core and it's annoying to mine.


Pistons that move back and forth with adjustable length.


A distance from center sensor to build satellites.



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Yeah totally agree on what fire is saying, couple of other suggestions from me (I post this here to avoid too many posts for suggestion) :

  • Hinge should have the possiblity to be blocked at some point, on each side, (from 0 to 180° on right side I guess and 0 to -180° on left side) and when the maximum position is reached, it activates a key (basically an output). It would in particular allow to do swipping towers with switches (Hinge goes to the max on the left, activates X which is switch 1 input, output is RotateRight, goes to the max on the right, activates Y which is switch 2 input, output is RotateLeft and so on)
  • Already said by Fire I guess but not sure, some (or all) logic parts should have many outputs, it would be much easier than adding X "if gate" because you want X differents actions to happen when you press a key
  • Being able to "create keys" or use text to set INPUTS/OUTPUTS. The number of keys left when you start creating an autonomous drone is ridiculously small


I don't have other ideas right now, wish you the best guys I know you're doing a hell of a job, I just backed the game you have all my support

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