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Vesper homepage real??????


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Btw I'm fine now, cuts have healed- never removing dinomask again from now on. But anyway, y'all remember those RPs and sims of stuff- I was thinking of doing one or something. Idk. But I started my own smp lol- still don't have a pc or anything so yeah might just put the smp on hold for awhile. I just bought some fur and foam for the dinomask, I will try to keep who ever views my homepage up with everything I do to the dinomask. 

In the mean time, have a gay frog for pride month (I drew him) 7B5F4572-AC11-4651-BA39-C455A5B608A1.thumb.jpeg.917da79ccf394d8aceec8bc25b442ee9.jpeg

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1 minute ago, vesper staticself said:

artfight isn't working for me rn- I'm panicking 👍 heh, I hate my mcDonald's wifi

It's the site that's lagging

(I spent two hours trying to sort my characters... I only have FIVE)

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Hey everyone,,,, my mom found out I'm a furry and now she's deleting my phone data soon. This is goodbye I guess, I won't be able to make a new account because she's going to monitor me a lot. 


Goodbye, I will miss everyone

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i realized i still have my computer.... suck it mom >:) 


anyway. i can only be online at night i think, or when my mom isnt working from home... which she is gonna work from home tomorrow, so yeah im not permently dead.

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Posted (edited)

still alive, btw im starting to draw with my computer, im satisfied with what i did ( i drew my pfp on my computer)




oh and i think im an otherkin or a therian.... but who cares, im a bit happier than i was yesterday. still super mad at my mom for getting rid of most of my friends that ive ever made, but ill be fine i think. she still hasnt deleted my phone data so i could use it tonight and untill she deletes the data.


oh and i sorta forcibly quit artfight because of my mom 

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i forgor something
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On 7/11/2022 at 10:25 PM, vesper staticself said:

dvbfdkjen bgvdhkmnfojilkmd




why do I always end up having an obsession with fnaf, and just as I get over the obsession it comes back





it always comes back

just like William

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                              tw// mentions of selfharm


alright so i've downloaded the 'I am sober' app.... so far i've gone 11 or so minutes without sh, and i already wanna bite or cut or even strangle myself...... i hate my depression.

sorry for sorta venting on here, i try to appear as happy as possible but i just couldn't handle it.

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