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for years, pantanalclan has been haunted by a so called 'curse'

ever since pantanalclan, lagoonclan, mangleclan, and groveclan were chased out of their old territory by humans, they found a land teaming with life, a place just for these cats, a place that was even... home?

although, this place was nothing like their old home, this wasn't like any other forest.. it was a mangrove forest.

there wasn't much land to make a camp, so the clans made their camps in the large tree branches (dont question it)

but soon... cats started to missing, if they were ever found, they were found dead, stabbed by tree branches.

it was like even the forest didn't want them here... 

but even still, the cats stayed, in fear of finding something worse.

until.. one morning, 3 kits were found on a rock in the middle of the river.

this is where your story begins.


map tba


(you guys are in pantanalclan, no you can't be in another clan, don't ask.)

name - 

pronouns - 

image/looks -


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6 hours ago, polly said:

name - Windykit/paw/gust

pronouns - he/him

image/looks - i didnt draw this fade didWindypaw.thumb.png.51337d03534682dcde8de4027cdb8c3b.png.b79f77aed24747738323778c2a7779f6.png.3ff1bbddb6a12b5344da551d88131cac.png


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