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I just wanted to show some of my old artwork from late 2018 to early 2019 just to show the improvement I've made so far! At the time I was twelve years old and just getting into drawing. I really wanted to impress some of the people I roleplayed with but obviously, I wasn't at the same level as them art-wise. There wasn't much improvement until my dad gifted me a $40 drawing tablet, which I'm still using to this day! After that I started drawing more seriously, taking long breaks occasionally to build up some more inspiration. Even though I'm still not great at animal anatomy, you can tell that my understanding of the concept has definitely improved. I mean... come on, do you guys see those hind legs? At the time these were masterpieces to me!

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Okay, probably the last drawing for today! I drew Delta, which is @Peanutpup77's Nicheling! I had a ton of fun playing around with the lighting, although, I do feel like there's something off about her face. I just can't seem to figure out what. Well, if you're interested in having me draw your Nicheling, you can access my original post and make a request here!

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So I lied. I was definitely not done drawing for today! I decided to redraw one of my super old drawings from 2018. The original premise of the drawings was to draw each temperate season as a Nicheling. Can you guess which one she is? It's spring!

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