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New beta update: 0.1.20


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The new giant beta update is now finally liiiveee :D
Thank you all very much for your patience!
Because of all the many changes, your old save file are not compatible with this version.
We added lots of new texts too, so please head over to Crowdin and support us with loca ❤️
Filling out the survey when exiting the game is very helpful too 🙂 

Patchnotes 0.1.20

New Features
- Added new scavenging locations and events which can have decisions with different outcomes
- New status effect system, to visualize positive and negative effects of events
- Added moving events on the world map
- Villagers can now be renamed, by clicking on their name
- Added knowledge points as requirement for research
- Onbu can now shake itself, causing an earthquake and damaging buildings
- Onbu digestion mechanics
- You can now see Onbus Heartrate 
- You can now see the temperature and poison level better on the top bar

New Buildings
- Food Stand: Used for more efficient food distribution 
- Cottage: Higher level housing
- Onbu Buskers: Influence Onbu's mood with music
- Greenhouse: Grows crops in any temperature, but breaks easily in quakes
- Tree Nursery: Gathers saplings from mother trees

- Fixed bug with wrong biome transitions in Onbu View
- Onbu Feeder and Doctors now fill their storage completely instead of idling
- Fixed bug where roads where not connected anymore after cancelling deconstruction
- Fixed view radius on worldmap
- Plots can now be removed with the deconstruction tool
- Tools can be deselected with ESC
- Fixed bug that Onbu feeding animation was not triggered
- Bloodextactor now shows progress after a heartbeat
- Fixed bug where Onbu continued to eat even though it was full.
- Fixed bug where plants could not be harvested on construction sites
- Fixed localization bugs with he event log
- Fixed bug where the resolution or fullscreen mode change did not work correctly
- And many more!

- Improved farming mechanics with new plants and recipes
- When hovering the north and south buttons, the path is highlighted
- Improved performance and stuttering on worldmap
- Workers will now cancel active tasks in favor of prioritized jobs
- Adaptive reproduction rate of poison plants
- Reworked decontaminator to work without a radius
- Reworked village doctor to hold multiple herbs at once
- Added second stage of poisoning for villagers
- Workers now try to avoid poisoned ground
- Reworked environment poison to work like temperature / humidity
- Added cactii plantation as alterative way to get water in hot biomes
- Buildings that gather show highlight their targets and show the efficiency during placement
- Waypoint decision can now be rejected by onbu
- Added sound effect when a decision appears
- Added sound effect for important notifications
- Worked on new music tracks for the different biomes
- Dung from the Dung Collector can now be used to fertilize plots 
- Animal mission can have cooldowns
- Scavenging mission durations are now depending on the starting distance between the location and Onbu
- A lot of small fixes and improvements that we forgot to list

- Balanced biomes, event and scavenging locations
- Decreases production output of Blood Extractor and Deep Quarry
- Decontaminators now require fuel and are no longer restricted by a radius
- Balanced how often Onbu eats or sleeps 
- Balanced food mechanics, added new food sources
- Balanced poison mechanics
- And more! 

Visual Improvements
- Updated windmill assets
- Improved all building grounds and construction sites
- New sketch asset for Compost Heap
- Improved Onbus walk and run animation speed, so that feet don't slide on the ground anymore
- Fixed effect layering when zooming out into worldmap view
- New biome decorations on the worldmap
- New Visuals for tents with little variants and animations
- Animated small details on buildings
- A selected worker now shows its current path
- Added new animations for Onbu so you can see if it's happy, sad or hurt
- And more!

Known Bugs
- Onbu head jitter if it is happy and fed
- Some building and resource glossary entries are missing parts
- Intersecting Event and locations can't both be clicked on

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