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"The Boys" Challenge


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Typed this out so that I could remember it myself.

As the title says, this is a play on the the phrase, "The Boys" of which no females will be included in. Start with two or three male nichelings, and set them on an island of your choosing. Preferably big ones.


- Age Settings -

Baby : 2 Days

Child : 5 Days

Teen : 15 Days

Adult : 50 Days

Age settings can and should be altered to fit your own playstyle.


As said before, there will be no females in the tribe. Instead, "The Boys" will go around the island and travel like nomads looking for a mate. 

In order for the future momma to give birth, you can invite her to the tribe and let her give birth on a made nest or natural one. Unless you want to trap her around a natural nest in order to give birth, which may be a little too complicated.  IF any female niche are born, she would be kicked out of the tribe since we want only males in the tribe.


- (SUGGESTED) Damage/Healing Multipliers -

Enemy Damage : 2x

Hunger : 1x

Environment : 2x

Healing : 2x


Really just taken off the top of my head, but decided that Hunger should fairly be lower than the other multipliers because food can hard to come by as nomads. Nothing much to say here except things become a little more dangerous because everything's damage is upped.


Gameplay is up to you, though I would suggest keeping under 25 niche at all times because more could overwhelm you. Though with more niche, you can create little factions that stick together, but can be very tense. 


Personally, I only have insect swarms and rogue males turned off for World Settings cause they can become annoying for me. This part if whatever you want it to be, whatever is annoying to you, you can turn it off. I would suggest at the very least Rogue Males because, I don't fully know, they might be able to mate with potential females. 


Win Conditions are something I don't really care about so you choose what you want too. 



In order for a male niche to fully join a tribe, once they're an adult or teen, they should have a certain time limit to perform a task. Could be killing a bunny, fighting a bearyena if it's on the island. Collecting some odd amount of food, ect.

Before mating with a wandering female, the males in the tribe should perform some type of act in order to impress her. The more wingmen, the better. It can become more intricate, such as randomly giving females small personalities and deciding what she'd like to see in order to mate, but it may become something a little too difficult if too spread upon. 

Add together some stats of the females, that go up to 20. Such as eyesight + attack + collecting + speed + ect, and then compare it to the male who is courting her. Does he match her stats or is he below them? Does someone in his party impress the female so much she decides to mate with him instead?

Thanks for reading this and if you try it, good luck!!


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